Welcome! The Dunga Orphanage Project (DOP) [currently registered dba Community Care Initiative (CCI), a Community Based Organization in Kisumu, Kenya] is a 501c3 charitable non-profit dedicated to providing for the basic human needs of over 30 orphan children within a small AIDS ravaged village in Kenya.

Most of these children have lost both of their parents and other family members due to complications from this indiscriminate virus. 

These children have come to the orphanage by extended family too poor to care for them, some found abandoned on the street, while a few managed to find a way to our doors on their own.

Originally founded in 2003 by a resourceful and determined young woman, Sarah O’Brien from Anacortes, Washington, the Dunga Orphanage Project has since grown from a small, family based operation


serving a few orphan children to a bon-a-fide Community Based Organization providing assistance to a many as 40 children and young adults.

This organization currently supports 30 children/youth with food, shelter, medical care and education as a result of the support of United States sponsors and contributors.

Twenty-eight of these youth are now in boarding school, vocational programs or university.  Two of the youngest and special needs children live full-time in our Home Based Care program with one of our caregivers and her family in Dunga, Kenya.

Of the original group, four are graduated from university or vocational school and employed supporting one or more family members in their education. A number of others have exited the program as high school educated, young adults working in various capacities.